Mini Tools


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Mini Tools for Miniature Mechanical and Electrical/Electronic Assembly

Wendon's Mini-Tools were designed "at the bench" to meet critical needs for precision hand tools to aid in miniature assembly operations. Our tools were developed during many years of practical application in the assembly of miniature electrical and mechanical components. All of our tools are manufactured of highly tempered spring steel and polished and buffed to a high luster to prevent snagging, scratching, or marring highly polished surfaces of small parts.

With "no-roll" hexagonal aluminum handles, or combined with tweezers to provide a dual tool function,  Wendon’s Mini-Tools offer the ultimate balance, convenience, and precision.

Wendon's tools are priced below the cost for making tools of equivalent quality on an individual basis 

We welcome inquiries on special tools designed to meet your individual requirements, as well as on any of the standard precision Mini-Tools shown here.

Mini Tool Types

Tapered Flat Tip Tool

Tapered Round Tip

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Tweezers and Paddles

Integral Handle

Price List

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